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Retreat Drone Shot
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If you are looking for a luxurious, fun, relaxing and rejuvenating holiday or weekend away this would be an ideal option. 

Please note: Boschendal is a wine farm so at the Werf area (main area) or in the Deli you will find the sale of wine.


Boschendal is located 48 minutes from Cape Town International Airport. 

We stayed at Bertha’s Retreat Cottages. These are self catering cottages that come with a microwave, stove, mini fridge, kettle and toaster. The cottages are all two bedrooms and have two bathrooms. The second bathroom is outside. Each cottage also comes with a fireplace, a weber braai grid and an outdoor seating area. Wood, matches and firelighters are also all provided. Please remember to bring your own grid to use on the weber or you can bring your own braai stand if you prefer. 


Main Room

Having the cottages as self catering makes it so much easier to prepare food. Or even carry cooked food to just heat up. 

Our accommodation option came with breakfast. The breakfast area is near the cottages and is accessible on foot. Everything is prepared in separate pans as they cater for vegan and vegetarian guests as well. Below are some of the breakfast options that we felt comfortable having. 

Breakfast 1

Breakfast 3

Breakfast 2

I know many of you in my Instagram DM’s were telling me that because these cottages seem so far from all the activities you’ll were skeptical to book here. So I would like to explain what you can do by the accommodation area and what you can do by the main area. We have also created a YouTube video that you can have a look at. 

Things to do by the cottages (all within walking distance): 

– The Eco Pool

This pool has certain vegetation planted around it that serves as a filter for the pool. We’ve been told that the bottom of the pool is a little slippery so be mindful of that if you do go for a swim. There is a kids splash pool on the side of the big pool which is really fun for the kids.

– The Boma area

This is very near the pool. You can request to have the fire to be set up for you at night. This can make for a perfect marshmallow roasting evening with the kids. 

– The Breakfast Area

This area is also very near the pool.There is a fireplace in this area for those cold days. There is also an outside seating area overlooking the grass. This makes for a lovely area that the kids can run around by. I loved that this grass was away from the pool so I could allow my kids to run around while we got to relax. We also carried a small tennis ball and we got to play with the kids here.

Outside Breakfast Drone Shot

– Lounge area

This is located right next to the breakfast area. There is a lovely seating area inside and outside this lounge. Here we found monopoly and 30 seconds that we took to our room to play with the kids. They also have some drums here in this room that the kids enjoyed playing with. 

– Cycling and Walking

There is ample space for you to cycle and walk here by the cottages. The views are phenomenal. The peace and tranquility of the open space and the mountains are breathtaking. You might get to see some animals on your walks or cycles. There are also some cycling pathways but we never have time to explore the routes. We only cycled and walked on the normal pathways. 

Activities that you can do by the main area:

You can request for a shuttle to take you to the main area and you can request at the reception by the main area for the shuttle to bring you back to the cottages when you would like to return to the cottages. This was really convenient. 

Boschendal Shuttle

– The Tree House

The Tree House Pump Track

You can either hire bicycles from The Tree House or you can bring your own with you. Here the kids can cycle on the pump track. If you have a toddler that can use the balancing bike, please bring it along. Even the small ones love this track.

The Tree House Play Area

A large play area that’s built around the existing trees. Here kids can climb, run and jump on the acorn hideouts, slides, walkways, platforms, mushroom pods and pyramids. 

Try House

Tree House Activities

Here kids aged 5-14 can take part in the outdoor experiences. They have day visitor options as well. There is a link at the end of this article to view the activities that you can book for your kids to do while you can relax or take a walk in the gardens. 

Kids Tree House

From speaking to my kids after the programme I was really amazed at how much fun they had and about how much they learnt. They even took us on a tour and showed us the shelter that they built and they told us about all the water conservation that the farm does as well as about why each animal has a unique purpose on the farm. This is something I would highly recommend even if you go there as a day visitor. On the cycle part of the activity they taught our kids how to cycle over different terrain. 


– Horse Riding

The horse outrides are the perfect way to explore the farm as you take in the views of the majestic mountains and lush greenery. 

Horse Ride


Here are some useful links to check out for more information about the activities we have mentioned and also how to book.

Horse Riding

Tree House

Orchard Cottage


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