Capetonian Hotel Review: Halaal, Family Friendly Accommodation

2nd bedroom
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The Capetonian is a 4 star rated hotel. It is located between the Atlantic Seaboard and Table Mountain. The Capetonian hotel location is exceptional for tourists. It is in close proximity to a variety of some of the most iconic tourist attractions.

These attractions include:

– The V & A Waterfront

– The Seapoint Promenade

– Table Mountain

– Signal Hill

– Camps Bay 


Halaal status:

An added bonus is that they boast a fully halaal restaurant, thus making it a convenient choice for muslim travellers to book here. As muslims, being in an alcohol free restaurant is something of great importance. Therefore being at the Capetonian and seeing no alcohol, and knowing that all the food was halaal creates a relaxed and stress free experience without the need to compromise on any of our values.

As sometimes when we are at a halaal friendly hotel, as a precaution we choose to never consume the food. We do this because we are weary of the risks of cross contamination that could occur in a busy kitchen. Additionally, in a Halaal friendly kitchen all the staff are not particularly knowledgeable on the rulings of the halaal status of the foods we consume. And therefore as a personal choice we choose to stay on the precautionary option. 

Capetonian Breakfast

The Capetonian hotel rooms:

The rooms at the Capetonian are modern, comfortable, and luxurious. This makes for the perfect place to return to and relax and unwind. Especially after a full day out and about touring and exploring the myriad of tourist sights in our beautiful city. The room featured below is the 2 bedroom family suite situated on the 12th floor.

Amenities available in the room:

– Tea and coffee including a coffee machine

– Toiletries included

– Small lounge area in the main bedroom

– Desk workstation

– Bar Fridge

Capetonian Room

Main bedroom lounge area and coffee station in the corner right

Coffee station

Coffee Station

Work Station

Work Station

2nd bedroom

2nd Bedroom

Capetonian Sujud

Lounge area with prayer mat (not provided by hotel)

In the picture above is the Sujud travel musallah. If you would like to know more about it you can have a look at the Instagram page below.


Capetonian Entrance

The car that we took to the Capetonian Hotel is called the Suzuki Ignis. It is a great little Urban SUV. Do not be fooled by the exterior as it is quite spacious inside. To view a YouTube review which has more details on this great budget car, click the link below.

1 thought on “Capetonian Hotel Review: Halaal, Family Friendly Accommodation”

  1. No hot water
    Fans/ aircons don’t work, maintenance takes forever to help. They place a heater under a leaking fan.
    Rotten green smelly eggs served for breakfast
    Flea eggs in salami and nobody knows how it got there, they feel its best to make jokes out of it.
    Overcharge on laundry bill for just one towel
    No customer service you get told only if you book the expensive rooms do you get special and extra good treatment

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