De Villiers Chocolate

De Villiers Chocolate 1
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If you enjoy exploring tranquil places that still have a vibe to it then you will love visiting De Villiers Chocolate. This is an experience kids and adults will enjoy. 


Things that I loved as a muslim: The chocolate tasting experiences, the coffee shop and the ice cream were all separated from each other and from the beer place, the braai space (not halaal) and from the restaurant that served alcohol and was not halaal.  

De Villiers Chocolate 3


Experience: We walked straight to the chocolate tasting room. The chocolates are reasonably priced. There is a nice selection to choose from. For tasting you can select any 5 chocolates from the following 4 ranges:

– Milk Chocolate

 – Dark Chocolate

 – Nut Butter Chocolate

 – No-Added-Sugar chocolate

De Villiers Chocolate


Pictured above are the chocolates we tasted.

Before the tasting room there is a retail shop on your left where you can purchase slabs of chocolates as well as gift boxes.

De Villiers Chocolate 1


We tasted the Sea Salt and Cookies and Cream ice cream. The ice cream for us was ok. I think with ice cream it depends on your frame of reference to the ice creams you have previously tasted. Others might absolutely love this ice cream as all our pallets are also very different so if you feel for ice cream, go ahead and give it a try.

De Villiers Chocolate 4


There are lots of green spaces to have a picnic as well as a jungle gym area for the kids to enjoy.

Have you been here before? What was your experience like?


Location: De Villiers Chocolate is located on the Spice Route Farm in Suid-Agter Paarl road in Paarl




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