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Enchanted Travel
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About Enchanted Travel

Travel is and was my passion. I was doing timeshare and was very keen to get into international travel. I had a travel agent friend who used to do all her clients timeshare through me. She encouraged and trained me. I am in the Travel Industry business since 2010 and in International since 2013. I opened my Company in 2014.

Why should someone book with you?

If you are looking for someone that is hands on, delivers on time, professional and friendly, efficient, reliable, and has been around for 10 years, then you should book with me. I provide my clients with personalised service. And I am with them from the time of inquiry till they back home.

What differentiates you from others in your industry?

Available 24 hours for clients that are travelling. You don’t just book and become a number. I become friends with my clients. I also don’t just package the cheapest offer to just get a booking. I research and look at locations, good hotels and plan your trip just as if I was planning my own holiday. Sometimes I may not be the cheapest but I bring to you value for money deals in the best locations with your best interest at heart.

What countries do you offer packages to? And which ones do you countries specialise in?

I do all destinations except Hajj. I do Umrah as well. I specialise in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Zanzibar, Victoria Falls, and I am advancing into Morocco. I have been doing Europe, London and Scotland recently.

What is the booking procedure?

The client will make an inquiry and I will offer them a quote. Then we perfect the itinerary according to budget, hotel preferences, etc. The client then makes payment for tickets. We issue the tickets. I do allow land portion to be paid off if the travel date is far away. I just take a small 5 percent on the land portion.

What are important points to note once making a booking? 

Always note voluntary cancellations attract a normal cancellation policy. Travel Insurance is very important. I always book hotels on a refundable option. I do not always choose the cheapest option, non refundable, when booking unless the travel date is very short and that is the only option I have. However, with the Indian Ocean Islands it works a bit differently. Refunds are calculated at the discretion of the airlines penalties or hotels’ discretion. Our service fees do remain non refundable. Although, each situation is scrutinised and we calculate according to the situation.

Contact details to make a booking.

Landline: 0123745621
Cell and WhatsApp: 0828901028
Email: shabnam@enchantedtravel.co.za or info@enchantedtravel.co.za

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