Local’s Perspective: Barbados, Authentic Island Insights.

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Last Updated: 28 March 2024

From a local’s perspective

Welcome to Barbados, a sun-kissed Caribbean gem known for its pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant island culture. Indulge in the island’s warm hospitality, explore its rich history and diverse marine life, and savor the flavors of its renowned culinary scene. With a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, Barbados awaits to enchant you with its beauty and charm.

Get ready to experience Barbados like a true insider, as this travel article has been crafted by a local with deep-rooted knowledge of the island. With a genuine passion for their homeland, the author shares their personal insights, hidden gems, and insider tips to help you make the most of your Barbados adventure. Let their local expertise guide you to authentic experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime.

1. Where are you from?

Bridgetown, Barbados.

2. Are there any masjids in your area?

  • Jama Masjid
  • Madina Masjid
  • Masjid Ibn Umar
  • Makki Masjid
  • Masjid An Noor

3. Is halaal food easily accessible in your area?

Not easily accessible but available through Muslim caterers and a few restaurants.

4. Do you have any halaal authorization bodies that certify food and restaurants in your country? If yes can you tell us about it?

Yes. The Barbados Halaal Authority. They certify food establishments for halal compliance standards. The Authority is an arm of the Barbados Association of Muslim Theologians (Jamiat ul Ulema).

5. Can you create a list of Halaal Restaurants in your city or town for us? And what is your favourite that you would recommend for us to try out when we come to your country/city?

Seemas, Masala Grill, Grillerz, Flavgourmet.

All are suitable and recommended.

6. Can you name some of the must-visit iconic things to do as a tourist in your country?

Visit Harrison’s Cave, Animal Flower Cave, Cherry Tree Hill, East Coast Road, Bathsheba, Bridgetown, Oistins Town, Holetown, and Speightstown. The Garrison area as well. Muslim Heritage Tour, Submarine tours, snorkeling in Carlisle Bay with the turtles and over the shipwrecks.

Any hidden gems you would recommend to anyone visiting your country/ city?

Codrington College.

7. Any hikes that anyone should try out?

Hike through Coco Hill Forest, Hike Chalky Mount.

8. Tips or advice

Generally a safe place, but be aware. Locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors. But avoid lonely and secluded areas and beaches.

9. List of ideas on where to shop and what to buy

Stores in the capital Bridgetown are good for souvenirs. Locally made sweets are a treat, guava cheese, sugar cakes, and tamarind balls, can be purchased at the supermarkets. Local pastries, like jam puffs, coconut bread, and turnovers are good and can be bought from local bakeries or supermarkets.

10. What modes of transport do you recommend they use?

Hired cars are better to get around, public transport is ok. Taxis are an option but can be pricey.

11. What areas will be best to stay at? What season would you recommend we travel to your country or city in?

West Coast or South Coast. These are the tourist areas with the amenities easily available. Barbados is great all year round. The cheaper hotel season is May to September.

12. What duration of time do you think would be recommend?

7 to 10 days.

13. Tips/tricks/ recommendations for anyone wanting to visit Barbados?

Connect to someone/agency who knows Barbados and can help in planning out an itinerary and give advice.

A little about yourself

My name is Suleiman Bulbulia. I am from Barbados and I am the founder of Barbados Halal Experience. A young, dynamic, unique company catering to halal tourism on the island. I am passionate about making Barbados a must-go to place for Muslim visitors from around the world. I enjoy meeting our guests and helping them explore our island, its rich Muslim history and legacy, and experiencing all that Barbados can offer in a halal environment. 

I have worked with and represented the Muslim community of Barbados for over 30 years in varying capacities and with interfaith groups, government agencies and other organizations local, regional and international.

Your social media/ website details

IG: barbadoshalalexperience
Facebook: Barbados Halal Experience
Website: www.barbadoshalalexperience.com


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