Review: Wok Boy London

Wok Boy London
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Author: Yasmin 

Disclaimer: This review is to be used purely for information purposes. Remember that the halaal status of any establishment could change at any time. Please do your own research before visiting.

Wok Boy London has one of the best Halaal (Halal) Asian Street Food in London. 


Camden Market, London, UK

West Yard,Camden Lock Place,London, NW1 8AF

Wok Boy is a permanent pop-up street food vender in London. This pop-up has 3 items on the menu. They are Korean Fried Chicken Chow Mein, Vegetable Chow Mein Noodles and Loaded Fries with Korean Fried Chicken.

Wok Boy is located amongst many other similar type establishments within Camden Market. These establishments sit amongst the beautiful surroundings of Regent’s Canal and Camden Lock. There is a common seating area and there are some igloo shaped dining domes.

Korean Fried Chicken Chow Mein

The Korean Fried Chicken Chow Mein ordered with sweet chilli sauce was exceptionally good. The chicken was cooked to perfection and succulent and the noodles were moist and flavourful. The portion served is more than adequate to fill a very hungry adult. This same portion will easily feed two small kids.

Loaded Fries with Korean Fried Chicken

The Loaded Fries with Korean Fried Chicken ordered with sriracha sauce really hit the spot on this cold Winters day in London. Like the Korean Fried Chicken Chow Mein, the chicken was perfect. The fries were seasoned with masala spice, which was flavourful and light. These Loaded Fries with Korean Fried Chicken alone would have made a hearty meal. 

All food is freshly made to order while you wait .The chef takes great care in preparation of the food. 

It’s no surprise that Wok Boy is so popular. It has a cult following of regulars and a good passing trade of tourists. I’ll visit many more times in the future. Quick service. Good prices. Big portions. Great food. Happy customers.

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