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Assalaamu Alaikum

I find the Halaal Travel Brand very informative and very helpful. Gives you great insight and tips should you wish to travel locally or abroad. 

All in all a good read algamdulilah. 

Was Salaam, Rugayah 

salaam thats amazing! jazakallah

i love to travel but not always able to do so. your page makes me feel like i am and ive learnt so much tips and hints that i will be able to use insha allah one day.

may allah reward you and bless you for helping us.

love and duaas


Your information is always on spot. Its very informative and also focuses on important aspects relating to a country especially with regard to halaal food abroad which is a big issue for muslims traveling the world. Keep up the good work and make Allah reward you for imparting useful information.

Salaams and duas

Assalaamu Alaykum 

Duahs all is well Insha Allāh. 

Since following Halaal Travels, I have taken a keen interest in travelling. As a student who is getting married at the end of this year, funding for travelling is quite limited. Thankfully Halaal travels have created a budget friendly post when travelling throughout Cape Town which is where I reside. This helps me tremendously when planning my holiday, days. The posts also gave me some insight on where I would prefer to travel to and where not. Insha Allah when I do start working and earn enough money, this page will definitely come in handy. Shukran for all you do. May Allah always protect you and grant this page to grow from strength to strength. 

Regards, Hajiera 

Halaal Travels is a useful, practical resource for Muslims. I especially enjoy the expat interviews.

Regards, Sara

It’s a really helpful to have all related halaal travel in one space. I like that there’s a lot of information on South Africa and not only overseas. It helps with just having everything together and makes holiday plans a little easier. 

It also is very professionally put together. 

Nooreen Alli

I’ve just recently been active with the halaal travels brand and I have found places to eat on the Instagram website. 
I love the other content as well as I have created a bucket list because of some of the content. 

Kind Regards 

I usually plan my own holidays and it’s very time consuming and exhausting to research all the details of hotels,food,itineraries etc.Your platform has made it so easy and I like staying at places recommended by people instead of booking and hoping for the best.It’s also nice to hear peoples experiences of travel and halaal food recommendations and even if we not planning a trip we can learn through other people’s experiences. Keep up the good work and wish you all the best.

Aameen. Really enjoy your content on Instagram. Very informative. Makes it very easy for people to make an informed decision. Jazakallah. Continue the good work. May Allah Ta'ala grant you success and take you from strength to strength. 


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