Food in Istanbul

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This Istanbul food list has been compiled based on the recommendations by our Instagram community on their favourite food in Istanbul. We hope you find this list useful when you are travelling to Istanbul. 

Disclaimer: This Istanbul food list is in no particular order. The list has not been verified by any member of the Halaal Travels Teams on the Halaal (Halal) status of any of the establishments.

  1. Istanburger
  2. Steam burgers from the mini stores everywhere.
  3. Kumpir-available everywhere. 
  4. Esmer Chef: The creamy mushroom pasta is amazing. Bolognese pasta and salads
  5. Burgerillas-Chilli Burger is so good.
  6. Mado
  7. Anthony Bourdain-recommend the doner.
  8. Biryani Palace 
  9. Hafiz Mustafa
  10. Pasta to go in Kadikoy Square
  11. Pakistani Darbaar- Authentic Indian in Istiklal Street
  12. Moss Lounge
  13. Huqqa
  14. Sehzade Cag Kebab
  15. Guvenc Konyali
  16. Meat Moot Restaurant
  17. Nusr-Et Steakhouse
  18. Virginia Angus
  19. CZN Burak Restaurant
  20. Cecconi’s Istanbul (Soho Hotel)
  21. Baltazar
  22. Donerci Sahin Usta 
  23. House of B
  24. Mecs Kasap Burger & Steakhouse
  25. Sultanahmed Koftecisi (opposite Blue Mosque)
  26. Siirt Seref Büryan Kebap Salonu
  27. Mavi Bufe
  28. Tanridagi Uhigur Restaurant
  29. Mercan Kokorec 
  30. Sampiyon Kokorec
  31. Tarihi Karakoy Midyecisi
  32. Are You Chocolate (for desserts)
  33. Hafiz Mustafa (for desserts)
  34. Mado (for desserts)


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