Where can you find tasty koe(k)sisters in Cape Town?

Koeksisters in CT
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Koeksisters are a traditional South African dessert item that is made from deep fried dough that is then coated in syrup and is finished off decadently with a light dusting of coconut. 

Disclaimer: This list below is in no particular order and was based on responses by our Instagram followers. It should just be used for information purposes and is in no way a rank of the best koeksisters in Cape Town

  1. “Aunty Shamiela hands down.”
  2. “Bo Kaap”
  3. “Bo Kaap Delhi”
  4. “Zubieda Khan in Surrey Estate”
  5. “The lady with the Halaal kiosk at Sea Point Beach-made fresh while you wait.”
  6. “Farieda’s in Landsowne and Bo Kaap Deli”
  7. At Wembley’s
  8. Aunty Shamela
  9. Bismillah in bo kaap
  10. The kiosk in makers landing
  11. At rose supermarket in bo kaap
  12. Bo kaap aunty maalika
  13. Fuzzyskoeksisters
  14. Good hope meat market
  15. My aunty fatima from hanover park in cape town
  16. Classic bakery
  17. Bismillah
  18. The aunty down the road-aunty kashifa
  19. Aunty shameela bo kaap

Is your favourite koeksister from any of the places above? If not, where have you eaten your favourite koeksister?

2 thoughts on “Where can you find tasty koe(k)sisters in Cape Town?”

    1. So many amazing places. Jazakallah for responding and for sharing with us where you have had your favourite Koeksister in Cape Town.

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