Why Aren’t All Ice Creams Halaal? Understanding Halal Certification in the Ice Cream Industry

Are all ice creams halaal?
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Last updated: 09/02/2024

Some ice cream/gelato manufacturers use gelatine as a stabilizer in their products, especially in sorbet. However, gelatine could also be used in milk based ice creams and soft serve. Certain sorbets contain alcohol to maintain a softer texture and to prevent it from becoming too icy.

In addition, some of the flavors available for the ice cream/gelato industry in SA are not halaal. Whilst these are noted by suppliers, if the store you purchase from is not halaal certified or not Muslim-owned, the product may contain haram ingredients as the particular store owner may not be aware of the implications.

Mo Gelato

Mo Gelato is a small business producing gelato in small batches, from scratch, using all natural ingredients – based on recipes that we have developed over time. We do not use synthetic flavors or colors unless there is a specific request for a flavor that is not natural – for example, bubblegum! Even then – we ensure that the flavor sourced is halaal certified.

How can people purchase Mo Gelato products?

Those interested in purchasing Mo Gelato products are able to buy directly from us by contacting us on Instagram via DM or WhatsApp, with collections in Norwood, Jhb. For orders outside of Jhb, courier can be arranged at an agreed fee. We pop up at various venues – details of which are shared on our social media pages. We also do events, depending on the number of guests. Standard flavors and special requests are accommodated. In addition, we supply tubs to 2 stores in Gauteng as well as stores in Polokwane and Ladysmith.

Disclaimer:Please note that while efforts have been made to provide information about Halaal options, certifications, or compliance may change over time. It’s advisable to verify the current status of Halaal certification directly with the respective eateries before visiting to ensure adherence to specific dietary requirements.

Are all ice creams halaal?

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