26 Insider tips when visiting Cape Town

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Last updated: 27 December 2022

Author: Instagram Community

Cape Town is an iconic city in South Africa that leaves visitors in awe and wanting to return to this magnificent city. It is filled with natural beauty. From the sea, to the forest and the oceans, Cape Town is certainly a city that has loads to offer any muslim traveller. Whether you are travelling from anywhere within South Africa or from abroad, we are sure a trip to Cape Town is always a good idea.

Here are 26 tips that the Halaal Travels Instagram community shared when we asked the question:

“What advice would you recommend to anyone wanting to visit Cape Town based on your experience.”

  1. Plan
  2. Pack for all kinds of weather
  3. I suggest packing something warm as the weather is unpredictable and also take enough money. 
  4. Self catering apartments for the win over a hotel room.
  5. Always carry a jacket or jersey.
  6. Even in summer you need a jacket in Cape Town.
  7. Do not wake up after Fajr to go out. Cape Town wakes up after 9am.
  8. Dress warm when visiting Table Mountain.
  9. Carry your ID if you are doing tourist attractions for the local price or else you would have to pay more.
  10. Slow down, It’s Cape Town.
  11. A weekend is never enough. A flexible itinerary is essential.
  12. Set aside a lot of time to just take drives and enjoy the beautiful beaches as well as sunsets.
  13. Book accommodation well in advance.
  14. Pack for all seasons
  15. Carry a windbreaker – the weather changes so quickly.
  16. Pack clothing for all seasons because Cape Town weather can change so many times in 1 day. 
  17. Have a Gatsby.
  18. Places are far apart in terms of driving so plan which places or areas to visit ahead of time.
  19. Salaah rooms are available in most of the major shopping malls (V&A Waterfront, Cavendish, Kenilworth Centre, Canal Walk).
  20. Try a few nature hikes! Trails are really worth it! Kirstenbosch, Table mountain and Cape Point.
  21. Always have a jacket for sunset. Account for traffic at popular places.
  22. Planning is the most important thing.
  23. If you are travelling with family, get a wildcard – it saves on conservation fees if visiting national parks.
  24. Visit Table mountain as soon as you can, as the weather is unpredictable.
  25. Table mountain at sunset is amazing. You get to see the lights and the city at night.
  26. Carry a musallah and make Maghrib on Table mountain.

If you plan on being out for sunset at signal hill, table mountain or anywhere else when in Cape Town then we highly recommend getting a sujud musallah. You can now even buy it when you are in Cape Town and have it delivered to your hotel. Or you can buy it online here via DM.

If you have visited Cape Town what has been your favourite activity? Or what has been your favourite site that you enjoyed seeing? Comment below and let us know.

A hidden gem in Cape Town is Hint Hunt Africa. Never heard of it before? Visit their Instagram page and give it a try. Once you try one of the escape rooms you are almost guaranteed to try more. See more info here. 

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