9 Things to do with Kids in London

Harrods at Night
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Do you want to strike London off your bucket list with your kids? Have you ever wanted to visit the iconic landmarks that you have always seen on TV? However, let’s be real. Sometimes taking kids on holiday with us can be a struggle. From our experience we have found that planning some kid friendly activities that are age appropriate to our kids’ ages makes the travel experience a lot more enjoyable. 

However, sometimes taking kids to play areas and kids activities can feel like a chore to us adults when our boredom kicks in and we tell ourselves “it’s ok, this is what being a parent is about. It’s about the sacrifices we make for our kids”. And yes to a certain degree we do need to make sacrifices for our kids. But is it not more enjoyable when we get to enjoy the activities with our kids? We find that this creates far more magical moments that we can all cherish and remember. So when planning itineraries it’s a good idea to plan kids activities that we can all enjoy as a family. Our kids are going to remember the moments we all loved, they are not going to have FOMO for all the entertainment centres and activities we skipped. 

So with that in mind, we have compiled this list of 10 kid friendly things to do in London that adults will hopefully be able to enjoy with their kids. 

9 places to visit when travelling to London with kids

1. Natural History Museum

Location: South Kensington

2. Science Museum

Location: South Kensington

3. Borough Market

Location: Southwark

4. Hyde Park

Location: Borough of Westminster

5. Harrods

Location: Knightsbridge

6. St. James Park

Location: Westminster

7. Covent Garden

Location: Covent Garden

8. Sky Garden

Location: 20 Fenchurch Street

9. Buckingham Palace

Location: Wesminster


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