Beginners guide: 3 steps on how to save on Emirates flights with Discovery Vitality (2022)

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Published by: Halaal Travels

Last Updated: 9 November 2022

Being a member of Discovery medical aid scheme comes with a myriad of benefits. Learning how to use these benefits optimally can really boost your savings. For the purpose of this article, I will only be speaking about the International flight discount benefit that you can get when you use discovery as your medical aid and you belong to vitality as well. This is a simple 3 step guide to break it down for you on how to get started on using this benefit. 

3 step Guide on how to save on Emirates flights with Discovery Vitality to receive up to a 35% discount on International flights

1) Join Discovery Vitality

The above text is clickable and will take you to the Discovery Vitality website where you can learn more about the vitality benefit and how you can join. You can assess whether joining this wellness programme will meet the needs of you and your family and whether it will be worth joining.

2) Get to gold or diamond status to increase your savings

If you have decided to join Discovery Vitality, reaching gold or diamond status is quite subjective and would depend on your lifestyle and personality. Doing your research and understanding how the points system works and is allocated is imperative to reaching a higher status on Discovery Vitality. 

3) Book your Emirates flights via Vitality Travel

Once you enter the discovery website, click on “Travel” then “Book Travel”. You will then be redirected to the travel booking platform on the Discovery Bank portal. The percentage discount you would receive off your flights would depend on your vitality status. Currently, for gold and diamond status you receive a discount of 30% and 35% respectively.

Disclaimer: The Vitality rules are revised annually and these percentage discounts could also change. Please refer to the discovery website for the most up to date rules.