Can I Travel to Jakarta-Bangkok-KL?

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This was a question that was asked by someone on our Instagram community. Below are the responses that we had received. If you have this question on your mind as well, we hope these responses can help you in your planning process. If you would like us to credit you for your response please feel free to dm us here

“Did Malaysia and Thailand and used AirAsia which was very reasonable. AirAsia does most routes throughout Asia and is very cost effective.” Anonymous

“I have done Durban to Phuket & then Singapore to Durban on Emirates. Internal flight between Phuket & Sing was on Air Asia. So the above is very possible.” Anonymous

“Jakarta and Bangkok are practically very similar. Mainly shopping.” Anonymous

“There’s a lot of shopping to do in Jakarta and it is a better shopping destination than Bangkok. There are malls and malls with clothing. Millennium is a good location, just down the road from a mall which took us 3 days to finish. Traffic is HECTIC in Jakarta, so stay very close to where you need to be. Nothing much to do there except the above.” Anonymous

“Phuket is better than Bangkok as a holiday destination.” Anonymous

Gili islands are very nice and Lombok. To relax 😊”Anonymous

“Why not Jakarta, KL then Bangkok? I’m a Singaporean living in SA and 2017 me and hubs lived in Jakarta for 3yrs.”

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