Penguins at Stony Point Nature Reserve

Penguins at stony point nature reserve
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Breathtaking views of the ocean and the majestical mountains is what you will be enjoying if you choose to venture out and explore the Cape Whale Route. 

The coastal route from Cape Town takes you through the small seaside towns of Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond to Hermanus, Stanford, Gansbaai and Cape Agulhas. This route then continues inland towards the towns of Swellendam and Riversdale.

Take an early morning drive to explore this route. 

Stony Point Boardwalk


Stony Point Board Walk

Pictured above is the boardwalk where we could view the penguins and the ocean.

There is a minimal entrance fee to enter the reserve.

Stony Point


Tip: Go early to avoid the crowds. There is also no shade so being there when the weather is still cool is always the best.

After walking along the boardwalk, explore the path less travelled. Literally. On the other side of the parking lot you can walk along the beach and see more penguins. This part is free to visit and we actually spent more time here than at the Nature Reserve. There is a nice pathway to follow which is along the beach and the penguins do come around there as well. 


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