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Hong Kong
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The information below was supplied to us by our Instagram community and is based on their personal travel experiences.

Best time to visit Hong Kong

The best time to visit Hong Kong is between October to December. During this time you will get plenty of sunshine with low humidity. Making it the best time to explore all that Hong Kong has to offer. 

The light and sound show in Hong Kong is called the Symphony of Lights. A spectacle to behold for people of all ages, the glittery and lively show of lights, fireworks, and astute pyrotechnics are sure to wow everyone catching its glimpse. What makes the 13 minute-long show even more impressive is the backdrop of the stunning Hong Kong skyline which sort of gives a surreal aura to the whole event that happens every evening.Timings: 8pm daily

Things to do in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong science Museum
  • Hong Kong Park
  • Hong Kong DisneyLand
  • Ocean Park
  • Victoria Harbour: Symphony of Lights – Sound & Light Show

“Disneyland of course. But other than that some visits to small islands. Cheung Chau for its beautiful beaches and lock gates. Ngong ping for the Buddha and mountains and down to Tai o for the last stilted water village in the world. Amazing science and other museums there as well. Stanley village. Up to the peak on the Tram. Ocean park.”

Types of Transport in Hong Kong

“The amazing thing about Hong Kong is you could experience multiple forms of transport in one day. And practically everything during your stay. Planes. Bullet Trains. The metro. Trams. Busses. Taxis. Cars. Boats. Ferries. Cable cars. Not forgetting just walking around the town and Harbour and villages talking to locals shopping in little gulleys. Hong Kong has something for everyone. They’re versatile, not too costly and have lots of different food options as well.”

How is the Weather in December

“Excellent weather. A bit on the warm side but not humid or sticky like Durban.”

How much time should I spend in Hong Kong?

“I went with a 4 year old so I wanted to space it out a bit so I went for 12 days. If it’s a young couple or older kids then a week should be fine.”

How to Travel around Hong Kong?

“The transportation system is super efficient so getting from one place to another is no problem. You just have to research it beforehand, buy the octopus cards and you are ready to go. Also best to research an area to stay that’s close to the metro.”

What about Food in Hong Kong?

“Ebenezers. You will find many branches everywhere. They sell Indian and all types of food. It is delicious. There are also specific halaal places in each of the theme parks that my family and I have been to several times.”

Where should I stay?

“It’s a very easy place to travel to and within. It would be best to stay in central Hong Kong but book early if you plan to go. Culture and atmosphere is fantastic in Hong Kong. I paid around R24,000 for 12 nights in Dorsett.”

General Tips

“Entrance for Disneyland is expensive. But I used klook to book a lot and got combo discounts, children discounts etc. Also express entry. When booking cable cars for ngong ping for example you can get a combo for the bus and tour in Tai o fishing village. Food is around the same price as here. I also took the option with breakfast for us and my daughter. We flew with SAA straight to Hong Kong from jhb. It was long and tiring though. I would suggest doing through Qatar or Emirates”


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