Rush Trampoline Park

Rush Trampolines
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If you are looking for an adrenaline pumping, energy blasting activity then Rush trampoline park is a must visit. You will find wall to wall interconnected trampolines, dodgeball courts, cube foam pits, slam dunk basketball hoops, battle beams and an obstacle course. 

Rush Beam


Rush Basketball Hoop



Going to Rush can be a family adventure, adults enjoy being at Rush just as much as the kids do. And if you are not up for jumping with the kids then you can chill at the Rush coffee shop. The coffee shop is not halaal certified. However they do sell sweets, chips and chocolates etc that you can buy from them. Be sure to check again on their halaal status when you are there. It’s always best to verify all info read on the internet. 

Rush Cafe


Price: There is a separate price for the socks (these can be reused for your subsequent visits). For a full breakdown of pricing visit

Rush Course


If you have a toddler and would like to take them to Rush when it is not as busy with older kids and adults then visiting at a toddler time slot is the best option. To find out when it is toddler time visit Older siblings can join in and jump during this time slot.

Rush Trampolines

To learn some cool jump moves visit:



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