Free things to do in Cape Town

Free things to do in cpt
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Cape town is a cheap city to explore, said no one ever. BUT, there is so much that you can experience for FREE. Give your credit/debit card a break with this round up of the best free things to do in Cape Town.

  • Signal Hill

The signal hill viewpoint is a must see when in Cape Town. Views of the city centre from here are nothing short of spectacular. 

Location: From the city drive up Kloof Nek Road then take a right turn at the top of the hill. 


Best time to go: Sunsets from Signal Hill are spectacular. Make sure to arrive at least 45 minutes before sunset in order to get a good spot. There are a few benches that you can sit on, however most people prefer to sit on the green covering on the hill. 

Try to make Maghrib and leave as soon as you can as it does get very dark on signal hill and the traffic gets crazy as everyone is trying to leave at the same time. Or an alternative would be to try and leave as soon as the sun has set. 

The roads here are narrow and it does get congested especially when other cars are trying to drive up while you are trying to drive down as two cars cannot fit on the road at the same time due to the cars parked on the side.

To avoid this chaos I would suggest when you arrive try and park away from the parking lot right at the top. You rather park facing your car in the direction that you will be leaving and then take a walk up to the viewing point. This will make it so much easier for you when it is time to leave. And the views as you walk up are a sight to behold.  

What to do: Pack a picnic basket to enjoy at Signal Hill.

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You can also find some Kramats (holy shrines) at the bottom of signal hill. If you are visiting here, be sure to go during the day as it gets very dark at night. 

  • Company Gardens

Company Gardens, located in the heart of the city centre, is a large public park and botanical gardens. Here you will find a rose garden, an aviary, a japanese garden and a fish pond. You will also find the South African Museum, the Planetarium and the South African Art Gallery.   

This is the oldest garden in South Africa and dates back to the 17th century when the Dutch established a garden to grow fruit and vegetables for ships en route to the East.                                                              

Location: Company’s Garden, 19 Queen Victoria Street, Central, City Bowl, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Best time to go: A morning or afternoon stroll through the Company Gardens makes for a lovely escape from the city. 

What to do: Buy some nuts and feed the squirrels, take a walk and climb into the life sized bird nests, or play a game of chess on the  life sized chess board. 

  • Sea Point Promenade

The Sea Point Promenade begins at Mouille Point and extends all the way to Sea Point and Bantry Bay. It is an 11km stunning pathway along the Atlantic seaboard. 

This is one of Cape Town’s most loved locations by both locals and tourists alike. Here you will find runners, joggers, dog walkers, cyclists and skaters enjoying the promenade.  


Here you will also find an outdoor gym, a few free kids play parks and a number of art installations. Look out for the larger than life sized sunglasses as you enjoy a stroll along the promenade.  

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Best time to go: Sunsets are truly breathtaking at Sea Point. The sun sets over the ocean painting the sky in a magical melody of colour as you see it disappear into the ocean. 

No salaah facilities available at Sea Point. It’s best to carry your travel musallah along with you. If when in Cape Town you would like to purchase an affordable, durable and compact travel musallah that can be delivered to your hotel click here. 

What to do: Take a stroll along the promenade. Take as many pictures of the local art installations and of the ocean. 

  • Green Point Urban park 

Green Point Urban Park is not just any park. Situated in the suburb of Green Point in the Atlantic seaboard alongside the Cape Town stadium, this park boasts a scenic wetlands area, a biodiversity garden, two separate play parks; one for kids aged between 1 and 6 years and a separate play park for kids ages between 7 to 16 years, an outdoor gym area, and lots of open space to enjoy a picnic. 

Location: 1 Fritz Sonnenberg Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

Best time to go: Anytime of the day is a great time to explore this park.

What to do: Take a stroll through the park and exit towards the lighthouse. Cross the road and you will find yourself on the Sea Point Promenade. This is a lovely walk or you can hire a bicycle from the Sea Point Promenade and cycle through the Green Point Urban Park. 

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